Mission Statement

Vision and Values

The Autocorrect presents a forward-thinking, outside-the-box, market-based business solution to the challenges posed by technology in the music industry today. Leveraging textured baritone guitar, layered synths, looped samples, human voices, and the simple sounds of striking things with sticks, The Autocorrect illuminates a path through the awkward disappointments of today to the fully automated world of tomorrow.

Is The Autocorrect right for you? Waste no time and find out today.


  • Rex Bennett (Director of Operations): Drums, Samples, Vocals;
  • Christine Mayer (Chief Information Security Officer): Vocals;
  • Richard Miske (Director of Human Resources): Guitar/Bass Solutions, Sweating;
  • Roger (CEO): Important Paperwork, Motivational Speaking, Thought Leadership

Distinguished Alumni

  • Gabe Jackson (Executive Director, 2013–14): Guitar, Vocals;
  • Andy Wilke (Chief Science Officer, 2013–18): Synths

Market Sectors

  • Post-punk
  • Space rock
  • Other kinds of rock


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