The Great Cover Up


  • January 20, 2017
  • The Accord
  • Champaign, IL


  • Every band in town


  • The Model
  • Electric Cafe
  • The Robots
  • Trans Europe Express


  • It’s the Great Cover Up, a longstanding local tradition, in which bands pretend to be other bands. Plus it’s for charity.
  • We were Kraftwerk!
  • We were supposed to play “Pocket Calculator”, but the Stylophone died minutes before our set began. The wiring inside those things is totally janky.
  • Rex augmented his sample pad with extra triggers and footswitches, as well as a few hand-held devices. He also augmented his voice with a vocoder (the EHX Voice Box).
  • Richard used a four string bass and only two pedals (volume and Whammy), and also borrowed one of Andy’s synths (Akai Miniak).
  • Andy used his giant Roland Juno.
  • “Trans Europe Express” is a blast to play.