Steve Gingold Memorial


  • November 26, 2016
  • Cowboy Monkey
  • Champaign, IL


  • California Mummy
  • The Autocorrect


  • The Age of Big Business
  • Ant Farm
  • National Security Love Letter
  • Your Brand New Future
  • The Moon
  • Wasteland


  • Steve was a prominent member of the local punk scene in the 80s, a friend to many, and a member of many bands (including one of Rex’s and Andy’s first).
  • Before and after the live bands, recordings that featured Steve were played over the PA.
  • First live performance of “Wasteland”.
  • Our Consultant Christine sang backup vocals on “NSLL” and “BNF”.
  • Richard messed up the ending of “Big Business”, YET AGAIN.